Rig Mats

Lister Rig Mats provide a solid base for all your drilling needs. Our Rig Mats are also utilized as:

  • floors for field machine shops and warehouses
  • pipeline applications
  • tank and camp foundations
  • camp mats
  • environmentaly sensitive applications


Our Rig Mats

The average life of a Lister Rig Mat is 10 years, but many have continued to be active for 15-20 years. Our rig mats consist of two continuous wood sections with laminations glued and nailed together for superior rigidity.

The glue between the wooden planks reduces liquid absorption and hence eliminates weight gain in the field. Strength is mainly provided by the steel beams, and the wood sections assisted by lateral flat bars transfer part of the load from one beam to another. For more detailed information check out Engineering.

Lister Rig Mat Performance: Load Test Report

Lister Industries has undertaken a load-test analysis of their rig mats. In the bar graph below you can see the performance of a variety of Lister Industries Rig Mats on many surfaces, and how they compare to traditional rig mats available through other providers. This test clearly shows that Lister Industries Rig Mats offer superior performance in all load environments. You can read the entire Lister Rig Mat Performance Load-Test Report here.